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Physical Therapy Legislative Day in Olympia

February 5, 2010 by Erik Moen

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Over 750 Physical Therapy professionals attended our Association’s ( ) Legislative Day. We are supporting a House Bill (HB) and a Senate Bill (SB) that would remove the ban on Physical Therapists performing spinal manipulation. Spinal manipulation is an effective treatment modality for sub-acute lowback and neck pain as demonstrated by many research papers (mostly authored by PTs). Washington state is one of only two states in the United States that does not allow Physical Therapists to perform spinal manipulation. The other state of distinction is Arkansas.
Physical Therapists are taught spinal manipulation techniques in our Washington PT schools (UW, EWU, and UPS) yet we are unable to perform them in our Washington state practice. The prime sponsor of our SB 5230 is Darlene Fairley. She is my district Senator. HB 1918 is also supported by a legislator of mine, Ruth Kagi.
My district (32nd) is well represented by Senator Fairley, Rep Kagi and Rep Chase. They do great work for us!

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