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Kari the Mud Stud

November 4, 2010 by Erik Moen

Here is Kari’s report from the recent Single Speed World Cyclocross Championships! We cheer her on in her preparations for National Championships in Bend, OR.

So much mud, so little time! I had the best race of my life in all the chaos, fun, and mud that goes along with a defending the Single Speed World Championship title in Seattle! My only complaint was hearing “she’s just a head of you!” only then to catch another “girl” who turned out to be a guy with a wig and skirt – over and over and over again! Unfortunately, I never caught the one that was Wendy Simms and lost the SSCXWC title to her by less than 15 seconds! Huge thanks to Simon Lawton of Fluidride and Team Redline for all the help and support, and to W.U.S.S. for such a great event!

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