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2 for 2 in Bend OR – Team Ligament

December 22, 2010 by Erik Moen

Kari and I had ligament misfortune in Bend OR last week at USA Cyclings Cyclocross National Championships. They were both non-dramatic injuries. Kari separated her shoulder and I tore up my ankle one day after the other. Kari’s bike made it farther into the race than she did. Of course this was a bummer for Kari as she was getting ready to harvest some gold over the weekend of racing. The impact of my injury was such that I needed a crutch at the Deschutes Party. Quite an inconvenience I must say. Needless to say we are gimping around the office this week and doing quite well. Please be comforted in the fact that we are doing our rehabilitation πŸ™‚ Kari likes to think that her PT is so outstanding that she can tie one arm behind her back to keep the competition fair.

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