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“You were described to me as ‘the dean of bike fitting in the NW’ and I now understand why. Your thoughtful application of experience and science is unbeatable. You are truly a craftsman, and I feel much more confident that I am riding bikes that are appropriate to my interests, ability and physiology.” ~ JH, Seattle

“My goal in working with RunPT is to be able to run again without pain. I’m slowly increasing the duration I can run while maintaining correct form and having no knee pain. RunPT has helped identify the incorrect mechanics and subsequent muscle groups that I need to strengthen and utilize while running.” ~ MK, Seattle

“I completed the STP in 1-day at around 8.40 pm on Saturday 🙂 I had no issues with the hands or anything else like shoulders, neck or knees. Thanks a million for fixing the bike issues and making sure that the fit is fine at the 11th hour. I could not have done it without your help!” ~ SL, Seattle

“Susie videotaped me running from multiple angles that helped correct some stride issues. She also could tell from how I “strike” what the best shoe choices are. We found an imbalance in my gait, and the discovery led to less stress, less shin discomfort, no more pain on the IT band, and no more hip discomfort.” ~ JF, Seattle

“After a crash, I struggled for five months with intense hip pain. In just two weeks of physical therapy at Corpore Sano, I was pain-free and back on my bike. There is an unbelievable difference working with you. Thank you!” ~ KI, Seattle

“Susie is a key part of my health care team, and helps me prevent and treat injuries so that I am able to reach my running goals. The gait analysis was incredibly helpful because it allowed me to watch myself run and get a clear visual of what I was doing that was inefficient and/or might be causing pain. My visits to RunPT are part of what made it possible for me to complete multiple 50+ mile unsupported mountain runs this summer.” ~ JK, Seattle