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Tiger Tail Review – Your Muscles’ Best Post-Workout Friend

March 9, 2017 by Kelly Hobkirk

Tiger Tail Review on Corpore Sano Physical Therapy

Tiger Tail Muscle Massager is surprisingly effective at aiding recovery and even avoiding muscle strains. The Tiger Tail looks incredibly simple, but don’t be quick to judge. It is so basic looking, it’s unimaginable the Tiger Tail could be as effective as it is at relieving tight muscles.

Measuring 18” wide by 2” in diameter, Tiger Tail is basically a high density foam roller on a rod, bookended by two soft BMX grips. The middle rotates freely as you run it with gentle (or hard) pressure over your muscles. It is portable, lightweight, and stores easily.

If you are a runner, cyclist, or triathlete, you no doubt get tight muscles. You could get a professional massage after each workout, but that’s inconvenient and costly. You could try using a foam roller, but they tend to be too harsh and not good at pinpointing specific muscles or areas. Plus, a foam roller requires space to stretch out and a hard, smooth surface. The only surface your Tiger Tail needs is your muscles.

Tiger Tail is among the handiest, fastest and easiest methods of working out the lactic acid, kinks, and tightness. It’s also incredibly convenient because you don’t need a floor, a smooth surface, or a budget to use one. All you need is your own two hands, the Tiger Tail, and a sore muscle or area to work on.

I frequently get tight hamstrings, so tight it hurts. Rather than miss workouts, and sitting in pain, I run the Tiger Tail up and down my hamstrings, using only a light pressure. It’s just enough to loosen up my muscles, so I can still ride the next day.

If you are super flexible, you can use a Tiger Tail on nearly any part of your body that needs massage. Being less flexible, I use mine mostly on my legs, specifically for my calves, hamstrings, IT band, quadriceps, and occasionally on the glutes. You can use as much or as little pressure as you like, taking a light touch or going deep.

Tiger Tail is effective, has no learning curve, and you can take it anywhere. It can be used anywhere: after a race, at home, or in the office. Oh, and it’s even made in USA. What’s more, at about $30, a Tiger Tail is super affordable. We can hook you up. Just get in touch.