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RunPT is a source for all runners for education on running related injuries, running biomechanics, running shoes and inserts. Learning how to return to running and how to stay healthy both physically and mentally is empowering and fun.

Physical Therapy & Training for Runners
RunPT is focused on helping you reach your goals as a runner and being at your healthiest mentally and physically. Being able to reach that “runner’s high” is achieved when you are running pain-free, with your optimum strength and flexibility. RunPT can help you bring your healthiest, most balanced self to your running and to all of life’s activities.

A One-Hour RunPT Session includes:

  • Running Video Gait Analysis
  • Analysis of form and technique
  • Evaluation and Treatment of running related injuries
  • Expert advice on proper running shoes and inserts
  • Training suggestions to decrease injury rates
  • Training advice to improve efficiency and performance

RunPT Sessions are trained on your specific needs for improving as a runner. We start out with a video gait analysis which we use to suggest specific exercises that will help your body perform better. We follow that up with an extended evaluation that centers on specific structures, emphasizing manual care, and education you can use to improve your training. Depending on your background and needs, we’ll also provide instruction on proper exercises and certain modalities.

Not a typical Physical Therapist, runner, running coach:
Susie Fagerholm PT, DPT is a Physical Therapist (PT), runner, running coach, and has over ten years of running retail experience. With her coaching and over 20 years of running and competitive background, Susie is ideally suited to educating you on injury prevention and helping you achieve your running goals.

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