Welcome to BikePT/Corpore Sano Physical Therapy studio!  Erik Moen PT provides an array of services for bicyclists and consultation/treatment planning for Orthopedic/Sports Physical Therapy cases.

Bicycle Philosophy

Movement is a critical part of human existence.

Bicycling is an efficient form of movement.

Human adaptation is necessary for best bicycle pedaling and positional/postural tolerances.

There are many styles of bicycles that are used in the above-mentioned uses of bicycles.

Anyone can benefit from improved positioning of the bicycle contact/interface points. Improved positioning of bicycle and bicyclist will help to reduce the overuse and pain syndrome injury rate to the bicyclist.

A good start to bicycling is with a reasonably sized bicycle for the individual.

A poorly fit or functioning bicycle can discourage the use of a bicycle.
Good bicycle positioning will help enable improved bicycling safety and increased ability for technical handling of the bicycle.

I believe bicycling is an excellent and sometimes necessary choice for movement. Bicycling comes in all forms; work, commute, recreation, and competition.

Adaptation to bicycling takes time and is best managed with appropriate changes to musculoskeletal tolerances and position/equipment over time.


Tete de la Course (2.5hrs or 150min)

Tête de la course is a French expression meaning “head of the race,” and refers to either the rider or riders who are in the lead at any point in the race.

See what is included in your appointment...


I need to know your past experiences/history and current bicycling goals.  This information is critical for the creation of a positive/efficient bicycle solutions.

Bicyclist musculoskeletal evaluation

The human body is the engine of the bicycle, creates stability for the engine, creates bike function and acts as a shock absorption system.  A Physio/Physical Therapist is the best professional choice to understand your neuro/musculo/skeletal condition and how it relates to movement/motion.  Musculoskeletal and neurological findings will help me better understand and guide strategies for your bicycle position and functional strategies.

Bicycle evaluation

Review of bicycle equipment and the positioning/condition of such equipment.

Static postural/positional assessment of the bicyclists on the bicycle.  Measures will be made by various methods.

Dynamic assessment of bicycle function, position, and posture.  Measures/assessment will be made by various methods.

Retrofit of bicycle

Changes to the position of the bicycle and/or equipment (limited to stock on hand) to meet your bicycle positional/functional needs.  A descriptive prescription will be made in the event that I do not have on a hand.

Documentation of position

you will have your bicycle position measured in a way that you will be able to reproduce in the future.  This is a critical skill for any bicyclist.

PT/Physio Session:  Instruction with adaptive exercises/activities that will help meet your bicycling goals.  Exercise and activities will focus on evaluated need.

Bicycle measures and exercise pictures/descriptions will be saved for our/your immediate use and later reference.

You may work up a hunger or thirst during this session.  This session will entitle you to snacks and beverages on hand.

All sessions are not fully the same.  A lot will be accomplished in two and half hours.  Some cases where we will require a follow up visit.  Follow up visits are subject to fee for service.

Keywords: case review, diagnosis, bike positioning, prognosis, PT session, adaptive exercise instruction, self-care instruction, beverage service, bicycle measures, snacks, beverage

Cost:  $450


General Clinical Counsel – (Varied time)

Physical Therapy clinics of old had one hour office visits.

I am well practiced and efficient at getting quite a bit done in one hour after over 30 years of practice.

See what the visit includes..

The visit includes some forms of interview, evaluation of body and bike, retrofit of the bike, some inclusion of equipment and a suggested plan.  There is frequently not time to fully meet your needs in this visit, however, we will accomplish quite a bit and get you going on the right path.  A follow-up visit may or may not be needed.  This is the perfect visit for those looking to maximize an out of network insurance reimbursement for an identifiable musculoskeletal health need, or for those of whom are not sure of where to start.

Keywords: case review, diagnosis, bike positioning, prognosis, PT-Lite

Cost:  $250 the first hour and additional time is subject to $150/hr (pro-rated)


N+1 (your next bicycle project) – (90min)

What is your next bike?!… and when? So much to choose from. N+1 services will narrow down the search and get you headed in the right direction.

See what's included..

This sessions starts with a discussion to fully understand your goals/objectives of you “N” or your “N+1” (aka your new bike).

We review of your musculoskeletal realities.

We review of your current bike and bike function.  Please bring your current bike, no matter the condition.

Sizing service may include the use of the Calfee Sizer Cycle to demonstrate postural/positional tolerance of a proposed frame size.

Custom bicycles:  I will work with your custom builder to help provide critical fit insights to allow them to produce your best bike.  Teamwork makes the dream work.

Off the shelf bicycles:  I will provide you with proper frame size and basic positional metrics for proper test riding at the bike shop.

In general, I strive to work collaboratively with local bicycle shops and regional/national frame builders to arrive at your bicycle goal.

Additional time is subject to an hourly rate.

Keywords:  N+1, new bike, advisement, planning

Cost:  $300


The “Peloton” Job

Proper bike positioning is crucial for any cyclist and this include the Peloton user.

See what your Peloton evaluation will include ..

Your Peloton evaluation will include evaluation and attention to saddle height, saddle position, handlebar height, handlebar reach and foot/cleat position to pedal.  There are limits to saddle tilt with the Peloton saddle clamp, however, advisement to the saddle tilt is important.  The peloton saddle has its limits.  We can consider saddle change as part of your consultation.

Your established position will be recorded and shared for your reliable attainment of your position.  Pelotons are frequently shared requiring you to re-set your individualized position.

This requires a home visit.  Travel fee varies depending on location (mileage/time) and hourly rate.  Most Peloton bikes require 1 hour of service time.

Peloton position and instruction with adaptation/use usually takes one hour.

Keywords: peloton, spin, exercise, health

Cost:  $250*

*= May include a nominal travel fee based on distance and time of day.


The “Canyon” Job

The “Direct to Consumer” bicycle sales business model is a thing these days. It is not just Canyon.

See what The Canyon Job will include ..

.  Your direct to consumer experience will include your receiving a box brimming with the components of your brand-new bike, neatly organized and partially assembled.  Here is where mechanical prowess comes into play.  A dedicated bicyclist may find joy of unboxing and putting together your new two wheeled machine.  Let’s say you’re feeling over-ambitious or perhaps lack the know-how to take the task at hand.  Fear not!  Why not consider blending the art of assembly with the finesse of custom positioning or your new shiny ride?

Includes safe bicycle assembly from the shipped box ($150)

Removal of recyclable and waste materials (priceless)

Basic bicycle fit/positioning ($225)

Advisement on necessary equipment for adaptation of bicyclist position.

“Un-boxing video” extra

Keywords: direct to consumer, bicycle assembly, recycle, bicycle positioning, bicyclist positioning

Cost:  $400


Garage Full of Bikes

It is helpful to have similar positional themes and strategies across your bicycle fleet/family. Garage Full of Bikes” is for when it is not feasible to bring all your bicycles to a studio visit.

See what's included ..

If you have a garage full of bikes, you can probably afford me.  I will go on the road with a mobile set up to address the needs of the fleet.

Keywords: lotsofbikes, N+1, many bikes, dialed, screening, bicycle positioning, strategy

$200 per hour*

*= May include a nominal travel fee based on distance and time of day.


(Total) Joint Club

Lets face it,.. joints wear out over time.

See what's included ..

We are fortunate to have medical interventions that include joint replacements and other forms of joint medical management.  A joint replacement is not perfect, but allows us to resume a level of meaningful activity and exercise.

Bicycling is one of the best ways to get back to activity after a lower extremity joint replacement (ankle, knee, and hip).

Your tolerances of bicycle will change slowly as does your post-surgical joint.

Changes will need to be made to the bike along the way.

An earlier return to reasonable levels fo bicycling will help ensure your successful return.

Keywords:   total hip, total knee, total ankle, total shoulder

Cost: $150/hr


Remote Consultation

Need good solid bicycle or orthopedic information but the drive to Kenmore is a little much? The remote consultation (aka telehealth) is perfect for you.  

See what's included ..

By appointment only.  I will provide the remote invite based on your level of technology comforts.

Keywords:  remote consultation, telehealth

Cost:  $100/hr


I carry various bike parts for possible inclusion in your bike positioning session.

I typically stock parts from Full Speed Ahead/Vision, Specialized, Ergon, Easton, Look, Selle Italia, Selle San Marco, Prologo, Zipp, KASK, Ritchey, and Selle Royale.

Limited to stock on hand.  Special orders are made upon request.

I can “write a descriptive prescription” for your bike part needs in the event I do not have the parts you need.